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Cleaning The URL's and why

Instead of user-friendly URL titles in the browser, they were showing node/x for contents because I made the mistake of not remembering I had special aliases to not break Google, which is expecting an .html site, not a CMS.

Fortunately I had a recent database backup to help me fix the mistake.

I also added a combination page and database query for a popular Google Search that goes to gunblue.html

First Post to Drupal Devel

The first post was a bunch of random latin with a random picture, so this is an upgrade from that.

At this time I've put back in many of the ordering product pages including Gun Blue, Moly-Fusion, Parkerizing, etc.

I'll need to add a talk to us form page, but the phone number in the mean while is 360-988-6583, for Washington State.


Gun Blue Kits

Rugged Gun Bluing Kits:

Note: They can all ship Priority Mail to save shipping costs.

All liquids only to the US, though.


StoreFront Maw and Paws Something

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