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1 Gallon Rugged Gun Blue

3 testimonial pictures of gallon use on slide show at Gun Blue see slide show.

If you want it in fancy packaging and to ship USPS priority mail, you can change the option to "4-Quarts" with the blue arrow. Any gallon is too big for USPS priority mail and has to go by a UPS method. The strongest container there is is not too strong for such a durable product, so you are paying for quality rather than a fancy-but easy-to-break gallon. This is 2.5X concentrate of Shooter Solutions' Gun Blue in the manner of the other Shooter Solutions' products.

It can be used full strength and not diluted both as a dip for small parts as well as reacted to the surface with a brush. As a full-blown dipping, I will be adding pictures of a very-hard-to-do (to great looking) Stainless Steel Ruger 17 Mach 2 Accessory I recently did with the Stainless-Steel-Only version complete with touchable finish.

In any case, it can be patted dry with a soft tissue, with very little black iron rub-off on normal steel and finished.



  • This can not ship USPS priority mail
  • This can go UPS ground or UPS 2nd day, 3-day, next day, or FEDEX similar methods to your account only but extra charges including signature confirmation charges apply - to either your account or Shooter Solutions' UPS account.
  • If you need a gallon in the air by USPS priority mail you will need to order multiple quarts at discount on the Gun Blue Quarts order page
UPS only: 
Variation body: 

Can ship by Prioriyt Mail if repackaged into smaller bottles and packed to ship in a medium flat rate box.