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32 oz Rugged Gun Blue

Shootersolutions Rugged Gun Blue A Quart

Mentioned on 24.98 Kit: When at least 1 is combined with that Gun Bluing kit, the kit bottle size is a doubled version: double-size bottles. These bottles are as shown for dipping you see poured in the movie at the Gun Blue and the 1 and a half quarts Putter at the video in at Video. For small dipping container use to get away with just a quart or large use with two, it can be used - in a plastic container only that is - 1.5 water to 1 blue as a dip.

This Shooter Solutions' Gun Blue in the movie.

It can be used full strength and not diluted both as a dip for small parts as well as reacted to the surface flooded with a brush.

The single price is half price or less than a 4 oz bottle at 10.98 or just a little bit more than two 8 oz. bottles - $10.00.

In any case, it can be patted dry with a soft tissue, with very little black iron rub-off on normal steel and finished.

Unadvertised Special: For combing with any kit, the three 4 oz bottles of a kit, or three of the 4 oz bottles in the kit with one free become 8 oz bottles since the quart size is wholesale.

Instruction Booklet (1 page folded) as shown included.


  • Shipping cannot go first class mail
  • One or more quarts can go for quickest delivery US Post office Priority mail, and will come one of the flat rate priority mail boxes taped and double bagged and otherwise specially packaged for this type shipping without container breakage, and for quantity of 4 or greater, more than one of the boxes, or a larger flat rate box as available.
  • US maii by 1st class or Priority Mail is the only online option for sale to Canada and potential international sales, such as England, 2 quart minimum this way
  • UPS ground is only available in the lower 48 states and air requires an extra charge. UPS ground residential can be converted at your option to Priority Mail at the lower cost of UPS ground residential in some cases.

Also, if you combine a $19.98 kit with one or more, like is common, then the 4 oz kit becomes an 8 ounce kit, as advertised for that kit, and the bigger kit is an 8 oz kit as mentioned, with the extra bottle a 4 oz bottle.

UPS only: