Bluing a Ruger 10/22 gun barrel steel

Blue Cold Gun Bluing Ruger 10/22 Gun Barrel Chrome Moly Metal

Published on Jul 5, 2008, on Shootersolutions' Youtube Channel.

I've change a little bit, but not the product nor its' results. It is a conversion, not a coating on top.

Amazingly strong DIY Shooter Solutions' Rugged 2.5X concentrate gun blue:

  • Tips and Tricks.
  • How to.
  • Cold.

As an aside, the camera was an inexpensive point-and-shoot with no turn-off of auto white balance.

This forced us:

  • Couldn't use the planned white rain gutter for close-ups: the camera would turn the white gray, and the silver reflective metal black in relation!
  • So dipping half at a time in a measuring "cup" on top of more neutral color cardboard was required.
  • When the camera was showing the color of the steel turning brown upon low-temperature heat gun was wrong: It was charcoal or dark-color gray. If it was brown rust it would have looked orange on dry, not brown.
  • The color apearance of the liquid as green was real: this was due to it disintigrating oil and grease: it was too strong a concentration for oil and grease to prevent its action, because it was able to react with what we tried to use.

If you cannot see the video due to its old format, I will try to update the old Youtube format back many years ago to its more mobile-friendly format.

This video for the Two of the versions of hosted Shooter Solutions: Yahoo Storefront, and it's own server had this video on gunblue.html, but I have changed that from a page to a view.