Live chat

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Starting today You will see a blue rectangle that is either "Chat now" or "Leave a message" that is part of the website.

It is using a server that uses 256 bit encryption like the banks, and services Aproximately a quarter of a million companies.

Many people especially mobile people prefer this over the phone, and everyone (I hope) over a webform where you have to enter information into.

It is not white-labeled, meaning you can check on what their privacy policy is.

As an enticement to use over email, any chat conversation with their service, you will have the option to have the transcript emailed to the service of your choice.

This way, if you want to register an account to the website to order or comment, and you would like approval, you can use that "high tech" button as an option.

For some "techy" websites like web service hosts, online help is the only help option, because one helper can help more than one person at the same time.