pixabay rocket launch

Some points on the relaunch of the Drupal Version, less code bugs on the back-end.

  • Since technology continues to advance, some years ago, I moved from Yahoo Store, where it was to a hand custom-built by me PHP Database shopping cart + HTML. I then rebuilt that onto Drupal Commerce, and now rebuilt onto Drupal with the backend built by Drupal 7 kickstart 2, which is bug-free compared with my handbuilt PHP code I built by myself. 
  • The lesson is working with other programmers is much better than going it alone.
  • Of course the front part is what I wanted in the first place, not only a responsive ecommerce website, but also a CMS from the point of being a slam dunk to add content that will seemlessly integrate with the shopping cart, because it all the same management system.
  • On the back-end, I have added something I had in the hand-code system, but not the first Drupal, the ability of customers to add text to every purchase line item.
  • On top of that, I have added code that will allow the adding of a picture to every custom printed order for Maw and Paws Ark Inc that I set up to accept that.
  • On the first one, the website look and feel changes when Maw and Paws Ark is activated to have the look and feel of, the first launch of it is not going to need a second launch since it is not going to need a relaunch of a shopping cart.

On the front end of the relaunch, I have included my better equipment, refined ability to keep up with the most precise product photography, all perfectly color calibrated and adjusted, and the backgrounds a pure white to show it doesn't have to be gray, because images load faster the smaller they are. Keep in mind the are low-KB .jpg images, so there will be very limited colors to allow upscaling for high-density displays: but they will be accurate.