Gun Blue

You need to use the correct version for stainless steel, and put the work into the metal, not just degreased but unprepared metal. Old metal that has been exposed to the air for a long time, needs to be sanded much more than metal that has been freshly sanded. While everyone wants good looking AND rugged, the drawback of rugged means the metal needs to become your hardened finish, not something soft.

If you are either tired of the old bad technology or wish to start with a rugged then this is modern technology, rugged for long life. If you want something worthwhile for commercial endeavours like DIY gunsmith, or home DIY'er this is what you want. It is being used by the gallon size by industry for example machine shops for blasted tool steel. With this you need to prepare for the gun blue rather than the so-called magic, where whatever results are magically created over and over in infinite layers, then polish the layer(s) on top with 0000 steel wool: but don't hit with water! Unfortunately magic products don't work with respect to something that is rugged gun bluing. Why not just have something good in the first place?

You can get the rugged gun blue to be both rugged and the color you want at the same time. The metal must be reactive which is easy. Preparation technique is important rather than working hard. Then when the perfect result is achieved, let's protect it with great stuff, Now as great stuff to this gun blue since you are looking at the metal, nonflammable extreme lacquer clear coat!

Easier to use than less-than-spectacular cold gun blues. Want something better? It can be as rugged as the hottest and best of hot gun blue. As spectacular in color, shine, and ruggedness with SUFFICIENT metal preparation.

Rugged Gun Blue

For the traditional gun blues, no matter what names are based on ancient technology: Trying to put a coating on metal. This current chemistry formulation for a specific quality today can be uniquely improved over even a few years ago, because chemistry knowledge improves greatly in a short amount of time. Rugged and reacting well to reactive metal being its purpose.

In my testing, this is by far better than the best of the best. No matter what you have ever used before, including any other number. It is designed with respect to looks and ruggedness - and not magic which it isn't unfortunately, because it works. 

You want something that is rugged but it can't be magic also. And here's why the ugly part of the truth: Rugged means the metal is involved in the process, due to not being paint." And so preparation is important by definition of being the best by chemistry and complete instructions, including the drawback of the method of how to use it, not just another magic. 

Well that's it. In addition Shooter Solutions' has three things going for it: 
1. It is concentrated making 2.5 to 1 total as a dip, but usable as is depending on how it will be used, on what, and what the contamination is with respect to oil and grease. 
2. It is what you want: the most rugged gun blue available: even better than any cold gun bluing not to mention some hot, whether Van's(tm}, Blue Wonder(tm), Instant, Super(tm), Oxy(tm), or Permanent(tm): not to knock the respective companies of the trademarks: it is to produce a more rugged even and one liquid soaking application. It also is even better on brass and copper. It is designed to be better still than every current name with old tired-out formulation, from a chemistry point of view. It requires a clean prepared (reactive) surface, though, and is extremely good chemistry and sold as a conversion result, not magic. The instructions are online. While sales might be spectacular if I claimed this to be the next great magic, I would rather you have spectacular results by knowing how to use it, and the fact it works as its own drawback, not being magic, rather than looking for customers to place a hole in their wallet for the next great magic. Compare this against the "magic" solutions that don't work. 
3. Super-prep solutions for using this superior solution on the softest of iron, certain steel alloys, and hardened steel: polished and unpolished, and the heavier version also dissolves light rust and bluing, which means on polished surfaces the stronger one is not used - but the less-active version.

In other words this isn't your great grandfather's cold gun blue, although when diluted it is clear, or a tired-out-old formulation that goes on in layers but they all fall off.

But don't take my word for it. Shooter Solutions' is already known as a leader in Gun Blue, the best Gun Parkerizing on the market, and the best metal treatment on the market - none designed to be inexpensive to make, but great to use. There will be a book out mentioning its most important result: ruggedness BEFORE (Dry) a lacquer is added.

Shooter Solutions' is about solutions that are about PERFORMANCE to the do-it-yourselfer. Not just about marketing. Though getting any gun blue, including Rugged Gun Blue (tm Shooter Solutions) to the outlets is good.

Blue Wonder: Inc is the owner of Blue Wonder(tm) gun blue and its mention is under the fair use commerce act.

For the version of this gun blue that will work on Stainless Steel, click on Gun Blue: Stainless Steelwill.

Updated June 13, 2014

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