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Shooter Solutions' Best (4 oz) Pro 5-item Rugged Gun Blue Kit


Product Description


Gun Bluing Kit for carbon steel now also with Laq-Extreme50/50 (tm ShooterSolutions) brush-on.

If you get a guart (32 oz) bottle of the Rugged Gun Blue, then this kit becomes a 4-bottle 8 oz kit as a way of making it wholesale instead of a 4-bottle item 4 oz kit.


If you get two, that's what the 8 oz kit by itself would be worth except for the extra kit package.

A recent customer was so happy he the happy after pictures with bottle(s) from one of the bluing kits he purchased, I guess he got two in case he needed that much:


Check out Gunbluingkit for the rest of the story.

Note at this time both gun bluing kit item numbers result in the same gun bluing kit. It is not like one has a diferent quality over the other. They are in fact the same. For more sizes on the gun blue, check out Gun Blue

  • Think of this as degreaser so strong it turns skin to water, and clear for better results.
  • The Blue is Shooter Solutions so concentrated rugged Gun Blue that if it were any stronger it could not be shipped by mail. It that can be diluted 1.5 to 1, or be used full strength for stronger results.
  • The tall skinny pads are final finish synthetic wool pad, so no one will accidentally grease the steel before bluing: I discovered steel wool was silly, an old concept whose time has come, greasing the metal with a tenacious very hard to remove grease or oil, is not good.
  • The booklet of directions is pictured above not including the additional directions on dipping and Clear Coat.

Shooter Solutions' is the source of bluing Amy Devers of DIY Network (as seen on TV)(Freeform Furniture show) used for the latest in fast and easy bluing, and now the modern way on steel-legged bar stool episode, the description of which is here. (Square tubular frame.) But don't take my word for it. You will find is the link-back for bluing for the half-hour episode (DIY But it will only work on mild carbon steel with too high a rub-off - always bugged me and other customers, but not on on any steel that is hard, nor aluminum or stainless steel or high-nickel steel nor powdered steel. Click on the picture for a full-size bigger look (23KBytes). The items and directions are to the right and front. Includes the kit for "blueing" (bluing), has been Van's Instant Gun Blue (4 ounces), reviewed favorably by an old American Gunsmiths Association Journal, 1998. It is a superb gun bluing, but not as good as Shooter Solutions' designed with the best of modern technology compared with the 40's. The concept of sort of works is so powerful it has been used by the gallons for Architectural use, Hardware renovation, artison use, like a quart by Amy Devers as eplained - it works for furniture because it does NOT take blending to get the job done, and gallons for repairing metal parts refinished for machine shop use. Shootersolutions' degreaser (4 ounces), Shooter Solutions' Dewaterer-Neutralizer (4 Ounces) with a tip that flips up, Vinyl Gloves, 0000 Steel Wool, 2 Transfer Pippettes and complete directions and tips (For gun, nongun, and architectural and construction use including by the gallon): everything you will need except an old, clean soft bristle tooth brush (or as in the directions shipped) and pieces of old cotton T-Shirt. It is amazingly mild for a bluing product since it works so well, yet strong so it blends with existing gun blue in good condition as well as being used right now by for hardware and Automotive as cold black oxide.
You save money, as this kit includes a second bottle of gun blue for a total of 8 ounces!


The kit's power could be demonstrated by individuals at gunshows with regard to its durability, ease of use, and easy blending characteristics, diluition 1.5: 1 capablility built-in, strong even then, and safe for not bluing what you don't want it to.

In addition to all this, check out a killer application on promotional sale to make it more tempting: mini-kits of MolyFusion: see elsewhere for description and testimonials of why it will revolutionize shooting and bore longevity!

This 5-item Blueing kit, together with the Parkerizing (Industrial Heavy Duty), and Moly-Fusion™, is one of the are the most popular kits from ShooterSolutions. The kit allows people to try a gun blue product. Up there in popularity is the Parkerizing and Moly-Fusion™. Moly-Fusion™ is used for function rather than look. Before Shooter Solutions' has entered into the picture there has no equal to the bluing in the U.S. marketplace, but it has not been perfect on all metal of course, only better - even in the catalogs, for what Shooter Solutions does, (easy blending and also rugged durability once it has reacted with the steel. There is no stronger product in the World. It will be available for wholesale, and will get color labels worthy of bluing rather than paper labels like the Parkerizing

Shooter Solutions' mission statement remember is about loyalty to customer needs, as in all problem solving solutions.

Coming: Directions. 
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