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4 oz Gun Blueing Kit Smallest


Gun Blue Kit for Bluing

The $19.98 three bottle version as opposed to the four bottle.

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This is smaller than the $24.98 Gun Bluing Kit on sale. For home bluing: one 4 oz bottle of the gun blue smaller. And for carbon steel only.

This kit was reviewed and written in the book entitled GUN DIGEST BOOK OF THE .22 RIFLE Copyright 2009 as the best. Above is the image of it restoring an awful looking Star 9mm pistol Blue Wonder would not touch. Shooter Solutions' Gun Blue as is or diluted up to 1.5: 1, as the picture shows it contains the synthetic equivelant of steel wool pads, so it will work, and Shooter Solutions' even more blue-fast to the metal (99% of it stays on the metal with light rubbing after daubed dry with a paper towel after letting it soak 2-5 minutes rather than 90% after the same time with Van's, 90% plus or minus being better than 10%) Onine Credibility: Shooter Solutions is the source for the bluing and bluing knowledge Amy Devers of DIY Network (as seen on TV)(Freeform Furniture show) used for the latest in easy bluing on steel-legged bar stool episode, the description of which is here. (Square tubular frame.) But don't take my word for it. You will find is the link-back for bluing for the half-hour episode (DIY It will not work on aluminum or stainless steel. The bigger kit version is the 24.98 Kit.

Freshest testimonials on Gun Bluing Kit:


Above are pictures of a recent testimonial, the text thereof I'll be adding later is whereas the customer, Jesse, wanted like brand new results like I showed with the video, gun bluing the Scotty Cameron Putter not failed like, before (Left) was what it looks like after Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue (2 Kits, since maybe one was old - after all it sounds like a paint based on its description), and Middle and Right is after a Shooter Solutions Rugged Gun Blue™ Kit (Part of 1 Kit, but two were bought for comparative reasons by Jesse.)So see for yourself I'll put this elsewhere, but for now, just ranting, sorry about that, from a comparative point of view with it which one was Jesse Successful with? Note there was not success before hand. Note: User results will vary. Also there is a comparative price difference in ounce of gun blue vs ounce of paint(?) In any case it did not bond. Note2: Two Shooter Solutions 4 oz kits with an extra bottle each of gun blue was $19.98 each, VS the comparative Blue Wonder Gun Bluing Kits, so for the price there is a lot more bluing, but no developer. If you want to use one, I give directions on how not to use the finishing oil afterwards. Not just the last ditch tried Web Blue Wonder, Jesse points out, both the price and the performance difference is equally stunning compared others kits as well like Birchwood Casey™ and Hoppes™, (Blue Wonder, trademark Novum Solutions, Inc is a competitor to Shooter Solutions Bluing Kit, and even if it is claimed to not be a bluing, I guess, since you have to use a torch first, have to shake well before each application, and let dry completely between applications, but nevertheless as long as it is called "gun blue kit" it is a comparative in name at least, and containing conversion chemical with something else.) when you get 8 ounces of Gun Blue and 4oz each of strong degreaser and strong finishing oil in a professional $19.98 kit. To be absolutely fair, Jesse did not criticize Blue Wonder™ (Blue Wonder does not endorse Shooter Solutions™), only it did not bond well in more than one attempt with 2 kits, including attempt at phone support. Since I did a Scotty Cameron Putter video, he hoped to get me personally by phone. He gave me the idea to mention some things not to do ahead of this conversion coating on video, like no acid. Reactive clean metal is ideal. "Wiped right back off" are the EXACT words to be fair. In any case, decide for yourself. User results will vary.

Its results will vary based on steel, and require different preparations chemically depending on type of steel.

A key factor is the low price of the free bluing is only temporary. After all, the kit already is well priced at $19.98, so low that two kits are a common ordering item. No discount for two of course, with the free bottles. However at the price of the quart you can get an 8 oz version of the 24.98 kit, the only difference between 24.98 kit and 19.98 kit is the number of the smae size rugged gun blue bottles.

Click on the picture for a full-size bigger look (23KBytes). The prevailing concept of the best is so powerful it has been used by the gallons for Architectural use, Hardware renovation, artison use, like a quart by Amy Devers as eplained - it works for furniture because it does NOT take blending to get the job done, and gallons for repairing metal parts refinished for machine shop use. Shootersolutions' degreaser (4 ounces), Shooter Solutions' Dewaterer-Neutralizer (4 Ounces) with a tip that flips up, Vinyl Gloves, 0000 Steel Wool, 2 Transfer Pippettes and complete directions and tips (For gun, nongun, and architectural and construction use including by the gallon): everything you will need except an old, clean soft bristle tooth brush (or as in the directions shipped) and pieces of old cotton T-Shirt. It is amazingly mild for a bluing product since it works so well, yet strong so it blends with existing gun blue in good condition as well as being used right now by for hardware and Automotive as cold black oxide.
You save $5.00. And it comes complete with a full page of easy to follow directions. Keeping in mind it is the same kit as the 24.98 kit, except no 2nd bottle free.

It is an actual blending blue, not so harsh that it "layers upon layers" finish, like the others blues on the American market. The kit's power is demonstrated by individuals at gunshows with regard to its durability, ease of use, and easy blending characteristics, safe for not bluing what you don't want it to.


  • On old steel, it is the only blue that is safe
  • Other blues are way too strong and harsh.
  • This is a let - it soak for 2-5 minutes wet, and while you can do it more, what occurs in that one application does not wipe off if the metal was completely clean and ready.
  • Not only does it work, but the label does not make any outrageous lies like a blending blue being "instant."
  • This Gun Blue is just right.
  • Shooter Solutions is well known in some places (forums, like the CMP) for having the best of the best of Parkerizing in ruggedness and finish.
  • Shooter Solutions also has the best of the best anti-friction metal conversion coating so metal-based, it survives in the bore of a center-fire rifle.
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    In addition to all this, check out a killer application on promotional sale to make it more tempting: mini-kits of MolyFusion: see elsewhere for description and testimonials of why it will revolutionize shooting and bore longevity!

    This 5-item Blueing kit, together with the Parkerizing (Industrial Heavy Duty), and Moly-Fusion™, is one of the most popular kits from ShooterSolutions. Up there in popularity is the Parkerizing and Moly-Fusion™. Moly-Fusion™ is used for function rather than look. Before Shooter Solutions' has entered into the picture there has no equal to the bluing in the U.S. marketplace, but it has not been perfect on all metal of course, only better - even in the catalogs, for what Van's does, (easy blending and also rugged durability once it has reacted with the steel. There is no stronger product in the World. A gunsmith in the U.K. recently faxed me he likes the gun bluing so well he will purchase it at wholesale for other gunsmiths.

    Best of the best so that you can have the best is what Shooter Solutions is all about.






    Laq-EXTREME™ Super coat


    Unpaid Testimonial Steven's and Mossberg

    to fellow fire arm enthusiasts and repair persons. if you have rebluing to do (try this cold blue before paying big money for a commercial reblue (which drastically reduces sharpness of printing and any insignias on barrel receiver etc. Shootersolutions gun blue is a factory like bluing. I have used 2 4 ounce bottles and just ordered a quart. (It's good stuff) and it works so much better than what is offered in the average gun store.

    Shooter Solutions' Best 
    4 oz Pro 5-item Rugged Gun Blue Kit 

    $24.98, Double size $39.98