16 oz ShooterSolutions Heavy Duty Manganese Parkerizing Kit

The 1 Quart Manganese in the quart kit makes 2.75 gallons before heating, or 2.5 gallons hot. It cannot be any more concentrated and shippable Non-Hazmat adding nickel harder than manganese and stronger for the black than pre-process soft copper too. 360-988-6583 for technical assistance on how the metal gets black without pre-black or post-black! Hint, the trick is to convert the surface rather than paint on top like the others.

While you will find an imitation, it is better chemistry and easy to use instructions. And not just for guns, but also for correct look Auto and Motorcycle restoration. It's the finest kit with the finest chemistry on the market so it is easy to use - if you can follow instructions, find distilled water, and are able to boil an egg. But don't take my word on it, this is what people at the FAL FILES Forums for example have said off and on over the years. It is far superior in color and density of results than the others, because its chemistry is more complicated so it is easy to use. It is a few dollars more then some, but far less money then others, but well worth it. It is chemically complete and full directions are online with the latest version supplied for easy-to-follow directions. It is designed to be easy to use, rather then trying to make it work via other products, stop watches and blood and sweat. It is easy to use because it is expensive to make.

The heavy-duty kits reacted in the same way Moly-Fusion™ is reacted, so they are self-reacting with the metal parts. It is what makes the Moly-Fusion/Industrial Heavy Duty technology superior to any other "brew" technology. Place it against Brownell's, Amerline, Calvan, and any phosphate, including newcomers to reselling cheap-grade automotive Manganese (gray) as Parkerizing, and the results are far superior. Why? It not simple, and it is not simple to manufacture. Heavy-duty is much easier to make than Moly-Fusion, but you get the idea.

While we are certainly proud of the chemical engineering put into this kit, but: Don't take our word for it, but see in the testimonials section how it compares, according to customers who have used both. A prime example is a Parkerizer in Texas who for the last few years has seen here and there in the FAL files independent reviews of Heavy Duty being superior to Brownell's, 2 customers who used the kit to get better results then he could, and the icing on the cake: a customer came in and chided him on Harley parts he parkerized. He then noticed the Shooter Solutions' Heavy duty by-the-gallon was less expensive then Brownell's, since it was complete, requiring nothing else! )And that was before they recently diluted it - so it is no longer a good concentrate.) It's time to order a gallon of each type and try out the Moly-Fusion too. No pre-black necessary, and just way superior. 

In addition, the chemistry design of the kits' ingredients, including the acids in the Heavy-Duty is potent enough for absolute ease of process. Don't mess around with steel wool biscuits, Brownells' iron wire, "Pre-black", and HCl for black: all of the "extra items" added up yield inferior results at similar chemical cost when you are done, or waiting for Parkerizing to "harden" with Calvan's, have to throw away the solution when done, waiting for a thin maybe "iron" to appear and rust. This reacts on its own without extra input from you for the "idiot proof" alternative. Preparation must be still be thorough, though. Don't use HCl in preparation. The darker color you will observe is due to better ingredients. If it is not manganese you want, try the harder finish with this heavy-duty Zinc yields. It is complicated and expensive to manufacture. Darker finish with the Manganese due to extra large quantity of Nickel. It also only works on Carbon Steel - no Aluminum, brass, nor Stainless need apply.

Far superior to MIL SPEC (as good as it can be), Manganese is the type is currently used on M14, M16, FAL, FN, Motorcycle, early Automobile, Ford "Raven Black" and more. Easier to apply than bluing. It more than meets the minimum current MIL Spec for exterior weapon finishes, which requires a grain refiner supplied free: It is even better than the old Mil Spec.. Pro-Finish with these Kits: formulated for the most demanding practitioner or hobbyist, yet the cost is low for the general public. 

The Zinc is gone as an exterior finish because it is more than worthless for protection against rust. Not because it was a different color or looks different, but because it is in fact worthless, and was never ever allowed for Military use except for a couple of years Manganese became scarce. 

Complete directions are included, and phone support is included also.

The 2/ option gives twice as large bottles of everything, and increases shipping weight by two.

Manganese is darker than Brownell's Manganese Parkerizing, due to just being better. This was a FAL question: How come your product is reviewed by others as darker then it? Why is it black VS Brownell's gray?

Thanks for Some Recent Results: "Jonathan, Thanks for the e-mail and interest. I have been working on two FAL rifles over the past few weeks. Still have a little more work to do before they are completely finished. In general, process has been... blast to bare metal phosphate with manganese solution assemble parts into rifle on the plastic parts (butt stock, handguards, pistol grip ... . I have used your solution several times on batches of smaller parts and larger parts (receivers, barrels) with very good success. The finish has a real nice "satiny" feel, true flat-black appearance. Am very happy with the results. I have followed your instructions and indeed discovered that the trick is to get the parts truly clean and de-greased. Will let you know how the overall projects end up when I am finished.", Galin, TX

Quantity summary (Parkerizing component):

  1. The (one) version includes 16 Ounces concentrate per your option.
  2. The (two) version includes 32 ounces total concentrate per your option.

You select in the "drop down menu" one of the two options:

    1. Heavy Duty Manganese version (with the free grain refiner).
    2. Without the free grain refiner
    3. Qty = amount of solution, not number of kits. Full sized kit of that choice, but Two equal sized "half-sized" bottles for that size kit. Example: a 16 ounce kit yields 16 ounces of HD Manganese and makes 5 quarts of usuable solution.
  • Half-sized kits have the same three choices as well.

    Click the next order button below for the Parkerizing Kit of type - Change the type from Manganese by clicking on the down arrow next to the order button, then clicking the option, then going back to the page.

  • 2 regular kits = 1 Quart kit, one double sized bottle of each VS two.
    • If you do NOT select UPS ground, the order will be placed on HOLD (Credit Card Orders), Cancelled (PAYPAL orders)

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