Shipping of all orders unless stated otherwise will be by Shooter Solutions with the Shooter Solutions' return address of

Shipping is only to the United States that does not have to cross International boundaries.

All shipping will have a lowest-cost flat rate per order of $5.00 that can ship by 1st class packaging. It will include a USPS tracking number so you can track it.

Because they with the exception of items as noted will be manufactured by Shooter Solutions so the greater profit will go to Maw and Paws Ark Inc Henderson, NC, USA

If and items are to be made in Henderson, NC, shipping may take longer because all printed will be at Shooter Solutions Lynden, WA for Maw and Paws Ark Inc.

Custom orders that include processing files in Lightroom and/or Photoshop to make printable will take longer.

Time frame of a few days minimum to 2-4 weeks for the "longer".

Credit Cards will not be charged when an order is under review.

Anonymous customers get an account to review their orders if they want to set up a password

  • Shooter Solutions
  • 1770 Front St #257
  • Lynden WA 98264