For all shippable products, the payment, including shipping, is required up front before any item is shipped.

The methods can include

  •, where any major credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover/Novus, American Express is processed through them.
  • PayPal, where you can pay PayPal or let PayPal use funds you have received there.
  • 360-988-6583, most people have free unlimited calling in the US, if so, it is toll free for you
  • If sending a Postal Money order you can place the order by phone without payment that way you'll know what the total is first and chance to make sure shipping information and phone is OK.

In all cases, no personal credit card or PayPal data is processed through the website server, but only direct between your browser already on an encrypted line to and either or PayPal, respectively, because and PayPal have full time security staffs to watch over their websites for you.

Address verification: interestingly do not verify your name and card data, but rather the bank verification address and data, which while more secure, requires more information than a stolen credit card. Name verification being part of the card means no security when the card is stolen. I think that is why uses Address Verification Bank Service, which depending on the bank will be either physical address (most banks use?), billing address (original method still used), an old verification address (moved and the old address not updated for example, or nothing in it) or no verification (rural banks).

For a link to help explain why verification has changed to more secure addresses and some movement toward physical addresses then, see a question for merchants: Why can't I verify a PO Box? Question to Feb 25, 2011.