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Shooter Solutions' Best (4 oz) Pro 5-item Rugged Gun Blue Kit

Product Description


Gun Bluing Kit for carbon steel now also with Laq-Extreme50/50 (tm ShooterSolutions) brush-on.

If you get a guart (32 oz) bottle of the Rugged Gun Blue, then this kit becomes a 4-bottle 8 oz kit as a way of making it wholesale instead of a 4-bottle item 4 oz kit.


If you get two, that's what the 8 oz kit by itself would be worth except for the extra kit package.


Gun Blue Kits

Rugged Gun Bluing Kits:

Note: They can all ship Priority Mail to save shipping costs.

All liquids only to the US, though.


32 oz ShooterSolutions Heavy Duty Manganese Parkerizing Kit

Product Description

Manganese Version, no options required to order this and it is $15.00 less than two kits.

At a value of $29.98 for 40 grams, included in the kit at no extra charge is the industry-standard manganese grain refiner.

32 oz. of Concentrate makes up to 2.75 Gallons of Heavy Duty Manganese Parkerizing, dip tank not included.

16 oz. of Industrial Degreaser for cleanup of final grease and oil.


16 oz ShooterSolutions Heavy Duty Manganese Parkerizing Kit

The 1 Quart Manganese in the quart kit makes 2.75 gallons before heating, or 2.5 gallons hot. It cannot be any more concentrated and shippable Non-Hazmat adding nickel harder than manganese and stronger for the black than pre-process soft copper too. 360-988-6583 for technical assistance on how the metal gets black without pre-black or post-black! Hint, the trick is to convert the surface rather than paint on top like the others.