Stainless Steel Gun Bluing

Stainless Steel Gun Blue

Turn both 300 and 400 series Stainless steel gun blue per the following:

  1. For 300 series you will absolutely need the 300 series activator or make your own with muriatic acid at 14.5% HCl or to that strength per directions, and you will need to do it outside with wind to your back: mixing and reacting. But if you close up on the picture by clicking the picture which will download a bigger image,
  2. Now for 400 series better prparation is achieved by purchasing what will be the 400 series powder to be mixed with distilled water for the preparation, and since it is a powder, it is best purchased with either genearla purpose solution for both, or specific for 400 series
  3. In both cases of stainless steel: old or modern, the result will be as good as the non-stainless steel version, you will see that following the directions on the bottles can produce such a good result in color and ruggedness you will thing it is steel.

The picture shows 300 series blued followed-up with a sample of thick clear nylon coat. Also a water based clear coat will be available that will be very easy to use and very thin, hard, and flexible.

You will be able to get this here in the following sizes, 16 oz, 32 oz. container, and Gallon.

For small amounts you will be able to get the activator here. For large amounts (Many gallons) you will get the directions on how to mix something that in large amounts will work if you need gallons of this. But mixing your own will be dangerous.


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