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Concentrated Rugged Gun Blue for metal 4 oz.

2.5X Concentrate 4 oz Gun Blue

Use as-is for strength or dilute up to 1.5: 1 with water.

There are some gun blues, as Instant Gun Blue! And then you find out you put it on in layers! And you are always trying to rub it in, bottle directions, with a substance which has contaminants - even steel wool rubs grease into the metal, cloth has contaminants when trying to use it as a rub-in for 2-3 minutes, etc!

Check out Shooter Solutions' Best Gun Blue, for more information

This product was used (quart size though) and seen in the bar stool episode of DIY Amy Devers: for "fast and easy", as per for cable, and has Shooter Solutions as the Bluing Resource - referenced on the home page of Shooter Solutions.

These bottles of gun blue are also available at wholesale in quantity of at least a dozen as the best there is in a Gun-Show show-able friendly format, the kits with DIY hangers complete with price and separated instructions with the bottles. Shooter Solutions' is where you get the latest and greatest: It is what it was founded for per the founding statement online 11 years ago in 1996 as Shooter The best, as outlined in a newly released book by a reloading writer, so you knew this while new like another recently released gun blue, whom does not want me to release their name to protect them from mention, this is not so new not to be published in a book. The information on how to get this book and comments from the author will be released in the testimonials section. Any names mentioned are trademarked by their respective owners.

Now in all due respect to their trademark, a today's gun blue literally is to be wiped onto heated metal in layers, drying completely in between, but quickly like paint so there is no streaking, and seal it with a developer that comes right off instantly on demand, so it is a clear coat, and this type of competing gun blue like it and others are like a soft paint. That is what you are dealing with in competing gun blue technology! Wow!

<<  GUN BLUE for more information.

PS, all shipping on small quantities of 2.5X concentrate rugged blue can ship by mail: Priority Mail for more than 1 4 oz bottle - in the Winter it won't freeze, it's faster, and due to flat rates for up to multiple quarts, even less expensive. You will have to change the default shipping.

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4 oz version 2.5X Concentrate Gun Blue.